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Are you new to Raspberry Pi? Are you looking for a clear path to learn Raspberry Pi? Would you like to do more than just copy and paste code, but actually write your own? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then the Raspberry Pi Education Starter Kit - Raphael Kit is right for you.

The kit is unlike other kits that only have a variety of projects. It is a true educational kit designed for beginners, whether you are programming beginners, electronics hobbyists, experienced electrical engineers, students or educators, this kit will meet all your needs.

In addition to including all the hardware and software needed for beginners, the kit also offers an online tutorial with 161 interesting projects in 5 programming languages and 45 free video courses (30 hours) on getting started to mastery.

This video course shows beginners how to set up the Raspberry Pi, use the GPIO pins and sensors, and learn the basics of circuits and programming. Each course has simple and interesting projects for beginners to practice and learn, all you need to do is to follow step by step and eventually you will be able to master the Raspberry Pi and make your own projects.

After learning the video tutorials, you can practice the use of each component from our online tutorials and play with some more advanced and interesting projects.

Alternatively, you can use the components to build projects in other languages, such as C, Scratch, Java (processing) and JavaScript (Nodejs).

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