SPI ConfigurationΒΆ

Step 1: Enable the SPI port of your Raspberry Pi (If you have enabled it, skip this; if you do not know whether you have done that or not, please continue).

sudo raspi-config

3 Interfacing options




<YES>, then click <OK> and <Finish>.


Step 2: Check that the spi modules are loaded and active.

ls /dev/sp*

Then the following codes will appear (the number may be different).

/dev/spidev0.0  /dev/spidev0.1

Step 3: Install Python module SPI-Py.

git clone https://github.com/lthiery/SPI-Py.git
cd SPI-Py
sudo python3 setup.py install


This step is for python users, if you use C language, please skip.