1.9 Drumming

In this project, we play the drum with a touch switch module.


Build the Circuit


Load the Code and See What Happens

Load the code file (1.9_drumming.sb3) to Scratch 3.

When you tap on the touch switch module, you will hear the sound of drums coming from the speaker.

Tips on Sprite

Delete the default sprite, then find the Drum-snare sprite and add it, and change the size to 200.


Scratch has a Music extension to play instruments and drums, now add it via the Add Extension button.


Tips on Codes


When pin17 is low (not tapped on the touch switch module), switch the Drum-snare sprite costume to drum-snare-a.


When you tap on the touch switch module, gpio17 is low. At this point, the Drum-snare sprite costume is switched to drum-snare-b and the drum sound played on speaker.