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Da Vinci Kit is a basic kit suitable to intelligent beginners who have project schedule. It contains 26 commonly used input and output components and modules and a number of basic electronic devices (such as resistors, capacitors) which can provide powerful assistance in your programming learning.

In the light of the kit, you can learn some basic knowledge on Raspberry Pi, including the installation method of Raspberry Pi, knowledge of Bash shell and GPIO. Having understood these knowledge, you can start programming.

If you have no knowledge background of hardware, this document about the Kit provides you with 30 lessons for reference and learning, including 26 basic I/o lessons and 4 simple practical examples. It should be noted that the arrangement of these courses is not based on the degree of difficulty, but on the functions in practice. You can find corresponding courses in accordance with your needs. In other words, even if you haven’t finished reading the entire course or mastered the use of the components mentioned, this document will play an important role in guiding you to complete practical projects in the future.

We are looking forward to your projects and hope that you can share your achievements or creation on our forum while reading this document.

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