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SunFounder PiCar-X Kit

Thanks for choosing our PiCar-X.


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The PiCar-X is an AI-driven self-driving robot car for the Raspberry Pi platform, upon which the Raspberry Pi acts as the control center. The PiCar-X’s 2-axis camera module, ultrasonic module, and line tracking modules can provide the functions of color/face/traffic-signs detection, automatic obstacle avoidance, automatic line tracking, etc.

PiCar-X has two programming languages: Blockly and Python. No matter what language you program in, you’ll find detailed steps to teach you everything from configuring the Raspberry Pi to running the relevant example code.

  • Play with Python

    • This chapter is for those who enjoy programming in Python or want to learn the Python language.

    • To get Picar-X working properly, you must install some libraries first.

    • The Raspberry Pi configuration and samples code for the PiCar-X are provided in this chapter.

    • An APP - SunFounder Controller is also provided to allow you to remotely control the PiCar-X on your mobile device.

  • Play with Ezblock

    • In this section, you will use a Blockly based APP, Ezblock Studio, which, like Scratch, allows you to drag and drop blocks to make Picar-X move.

    • It is required to reinstall the SD card with the operating system we provide with pre-installed Ezblock environment before programming. It is recommended to use a new or unused TF card for this section.

    • Ezblock Studio is available for nearly all types of devices, including Macs, PCs, and Androids.

    • Ezblock Studio is a good choice if you are 6-12 years old, or don’t have programming skills, or want to test Picar-X quickly.