Video 11: PiCar-X as Video Car

This tutorial teaches using PiCar-X as a video car with camera control:

  • Control Mechanics: Introduces keyboard controls for movement - forward, backward, left, right, and stop.

  • Video Car Features: Focuses on using PiCar-X for driving, adjusting speed, turning, and taking pictures.

  • Python Code Overview: Briefly explains the Python code for controlling the car and camera.

  • Remote Desktop and Program Setup: Shows setting up the car’s program via remote desktop and running it at startup.

  • Live Demonstration: Includes demonstrations of controlling the PiCar-X with keyboard inputs and using its camera.

  • Photo Capture and Viewing: Teaches capturing and viewing photos taken by the PiCar-X.

The lesson provides a concise overview of operating the PiCar-X as a video car, emphasizing hands-on control and camera usage.


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