Video 1: Motor Move and Steering ControlΒΆ

This video serves as the first project tutorial in the PiCar-X series, focusing on how to control the motors and steering servo of the PiCar-X. The key contents include:

  • Starting and Stopping Motors: Demonstrates how to control the movement of the PiCar-X, including moving forward and backward.

  • Motor Speed Control: Shows how to increase and decrease the speed of the motors.

  • Steering Control: Teaches how to turn left and right by controlling the front steering servo.

  • Script Execution: Illustrates how to run a program automatically when the Raspberry Pi starts.

  • Code Analysis: Offers an in-depth explanation of the script, detailing the logic behind controlling motors and steering.

  • Testing and Debugging: Practical testing to ensure both the code and hardware function correctly.

This video is an excellent practical guide for beginners to PiCar-X, providing detailed instructions on controlling motors and steering, laying a solid foundation for further project development.


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