Python Video CourseΒΆ

This video course is an online Python tutorial specifically designed for interactive learning. It includes three introductory videos that cover the essential foundations: starting with setting up the Raspberry Pi, assembling the PiCar-X, and then installing the necessary robot modules. This initial phase ensures that everything is prepared before beginning the various projects with the PiCar-X.

Following the introductory section, the course features 12 project videos. These projects progressively develop skills starting from basic movement of the PiCar-X, keyboard control, Text-to-Speech (TTS), obstacle avoidance, line tracking, to applications in computer vision. The course then advances to more complex projects that combine multiple functionalities. Besides teaching you to run examples from the online tutorial, the videos also provide additional extensions to each topic, allowing for a deeper understanding of each feature.

Get Started

The course begins with three introductory videos that lay the foundation for working with the PiCar-X. These videos cover:


Following the setup, the course dives into twelve project-based videos. These videos progressively enhance the capabilities of the PiCar-X, starting from basic movements to more complex tasks, including: