Q1: After installing Ezblock OS, the servo can’t turn to 0°?

  1. Check if the servo cable is properly connected and if the Robot HAT power is on.

  2. Press Reset button.

  3. If you have already run the program in Ezblock Studio, the custom program for P11 is no longer available. You can refer to the picture below to manually write a program in Ezblock Studio to set the servo angle to 0.


Q2: When using VNC, I am prompted that the desktop cannot be displayed at the moment?

In Terminal, type sudo raspi-config to change the resolution.

Q3: Why does the servo sometimes return to the middle position for no reason?

When the servo is blocked by a structure or other object and cannot reach its intended position, the servo will enter the power-off protection mode in order to prevent the servo from being burned out by too much current.

After a period of power failure, if no PWM signal is given to the servo, the servo will automatically return to its original position.

Q4: About the Robot HAT Detailed Tutorial?

You can find a comprehensive tutorial about the Robot HAT here, including information on its hardware and API.