Video 9: Recording VideoΒΆ

This tutorial offers a concise yet detailed guide on recording and managing videos using the PiCar-X robot.

  • Overview: Teaches how to record HD 1080p videos using the PiCar-X, a Raspberry Pi self-driving robot car kit.

  • Documentation and Code: Guides through the PiCar-X documentation for video recording and explains the Python script for recording control (start, pause, continue, stop).

  • Remote Desktop Connection: Demonstrates how to connect remotely to the Raspberry Pi for video recording.

  • Practical Recording Demonstration: Shows running the video recording script and operating it through a remote desktop.

  • Video Playback: Illustrates locating and playing back recorded videos to check quality.

  • Additional Features: Introduces PiCamera2 GitHub Repository for more recording options like time-lapse and easy capture.

  • Simple Video Scripting: Highlights creating and running basic video recording scripts with different formats and configurations.


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