Video 4: Obstacle Avoidance with Ultrasonic

This video tutorial covers obstacle avoidance using an ultrasonic sensor in the PiCar-X robot:

  • Introduction to Ultrasonic Sensor: Explains how to use the ultrasonic sensor for measuring distance and controlling the car’s movement.

  • Python Code Walkthrough: Details the Python code for obstacle avoidance, including variable definitions and conditional movement logic.

  • Creating and Running Custom Scripts: Shows how to write and execute custom scripts for U-turns and obstacle reactions.

  • Practical Demonstrations: Provides demonstrations of the robot’s obstacle avoidance capabilities on different surfaces.

  • Code Saving and Updating: Explains how to save and update scripts on the robot.

This lesson offers an essential guide to implementing ultrasonic sensor-based obstacle avoidance in the PiCar-X robot.


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