Video A2: Assembly of the PICAR-X¶

In this video, the focus is on assembling the PICAR-X.

Key aspects of the tutorial include:

  • Unboxing: Introduction of the kit components, including the assembly instruction sheet, tools, modules, and motors.

  • Assembly Guide: Detailed steps for assembling the PICAR-X, starting from attaching screws to the Raspberry Pi, connecting cables, and setting up the robot hat.

  • Servo Calibration: Using SunFounder’s Create Agent for zeroing the servos.

  • Motor and Battery Installation: Attaching motors to the frame and securing the battery.

  • Sensor and Camera Installation: Installing and connecting the grayscale sensor, ultrasonic sensor, and camera.

  • Wiring and Final Setup: Organizing and connecting wires for various components, followed by final checks and tidy wire management.

The video is designed to guide you through each step of the assembly process, ensuring a thorough understanding of how each component fits together.


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