Video 2: Controlling the PiCar-X using keyboard

In this video tutorial, you’ll learn how to control the PiCar-X robot using a keyboard. It covers:

  • Basic Control: Demonstrates controlling the PiCar-X with keyboard commands - “W” for forward, “S” for backward, “A” for left turns, and “D” for right turns.

  • Tilt and Pan of Camera: Teaches controlling the mounted camera’s tilt and pan using “I” (up), “K” (down), “J” (left), and “L” (right).

  • Code Explanation: Provides a detailed explanation of the Python code for keyboard control, including library imports and control logic.

  • Running the Code: Shows how to execute the Python code for keyboard control, including connecting to the PiCar-X.

  • Exiting Control: Explains exiting keyboard control by pressing “Ctrl + C”, returning the robot to its default state.

This tutorial is ideal for beginners and robotics enthusiasts, offering clear instructions and a hands-on demonstration for controlling the PiCar-X robot with a keyboard.


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