Video 7: PiCar-X Computer Vision¶

This video tutorial focuses on computer vision capabilities in the PiCar-X:

  • Introduction to Computer Vision: Teaches how to detect hand movement, fingers, colors, faces, and read QR codes using the PiCar-X equipped with a camera.

  • Remote Desktop and Python Code Execution: Demonstrates using VNC for remote desktop access to the Raspberry Pi and running Python code for computer vision tasks.

  • Color Detection and Photo Taking: Shows how to detect different colors and take photos using camera controls.

  • QR Code and Face Detection: Explains how to switch between QR code reading and face detection features.

  • Object Detection: Discusses the use of built-in functions from SunFounder’s VI library for object detection.

  • Viewing Video on Browser and Mobile: Teaches how to stream the camera feed to a browser or mobile phone, ensuring they are connected to the same network as the PiCar-X.

  • Hand Detection: Covers the use of hand detection feature from the VI library and running corresponding Python code.

  • Code Editing and Running: Demonstrates creating, editing, and running Python scripts for various computer vision tasks.

This lesson offers a comprehensive guide to exploring computer vision features in the PiCar-X, including practical demonstrations of color detection, QR code reading, face detection, and hand movement tracking.


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