3.5 - Small Fan

Now we use the TA6586 to drive the DC motor to make it rotate clockwise and counterclockwise. Since the DC motor requires a relatively large current, for safety reasons, here we use a power module to supply power to the motor.





  • Since DC motors require a high current, we use a Li-po Charger module to power the motor here for safety reasons.

  • Make sure your Li-po Charger Module is connected as shown in the diagram. Otherwise, a short circuit will likely damage your battery and circuitry.




  • You can open the file 3.5_small_fan.ino under the path of kepler-kit-main/arduino/3.5_small_fan.

  • Or copy this code into Arduino IDE.

  • For detailed tutorials, please refer to Open & Run Code Directly.

  • Or run this code directly in the Arduino Web Editor.

Don’t forget to select the Raspberry Pi Pico W board and the correct port before clicking the Upload button.

Once the program is running, the motor will rotate back and forth in a regular pattern.


  • If you can not upload the code again, this time you need to connect the RUN pin on the Pico W with a wire to GND to reset it, and then unplug this wire to run the code again.

  • This is because the motor is operating with too much current, which may cause the Pico W to disconnect from the computer.