Lesson 6 Auto-flash LED



The 7-color auto-flash LED module can automatically flash built-in colors after power on. It can be used to make quite fascinating light effects.


  • 1 * SunFounder Uno board

  • 1 * USB data cable

  • 1 * 7-color auto-flash LED module

  • 1 * 3-Pin anti-reverse cable


When it is power on, the 7-color auto flash LED will flash built-in colors. The schematic diagram of the module:


Experimental Procedures

Just connect pin VCC of the module to 5V of the SunFounder Uno board and pin GND to GND.


There are two GND pins on the module. You only need to connect one of them.

G:\电路图sensor kit\Frizting 图\05 Auto-flash LED.png

Now, you should see the LED flashing seven colors.