SunFounder Robot HATΒΆ

Robot HAT is a multifunctional expansion board that allows Raspberry Pi to be quickly turned into a robot. An MCU is on board to extend the PWM output and ADC input for the Raspberry Pi, as well as a motor driver chip, Bluetooth module, I2S audio module and mono speaker. As well as the GPIOs that lead out of the Raspberry Pi itself.

It also comes with a Speaker, which can be used to play background music, sound effects and implement TTS functions to make your project more interesting.

Accepts 7-12V PH2.0 2pin power input with 2 power indicators. The board also has a user available LED and a button for you to quickly test some effects.

In this document, you will get a full understanding of the interface functions of the Robot HAT and the usage of these interfaces through the Python robot-hat library provided by SunFounder.