SunFounder Raspberry Pi Robot - PiCrawler

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PiCrawler is a Raspberry Pi quadruped robot with aluminum alloy structure. It is equipped with a camera module, which can perform color recognition, face detection and other items; 12 metal gear servos support it to walk, dance, and pose various postures; the ultrasonic module on the body allows it to quickly detect obstacles in front of it; the expansion board-robot HAT is equipped with a speaker, allowing it to express emotions such as happiness and excitement.

This document includes the list and assembly pdf, Robot HAT introduction and PiCrawler programming.

The programming part is divided into two chapters: Play with Ezblock & Play with Python, each chapter allows you to explain how to make PiCrawler work the way you want.

Ezblock Studio is a development platform developed by SunFounder for beginners, aiming to lower the barriers to entry for Raspberry Pi. It has two programming languages: Graphical and Python, which can be used on almost all different types of devices. With Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support, you can download codes on Ezblock Studio and remotely control Raspberry Pi.

More experienced makers can use the popular programming language-Python.