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Imagine piloting a rover on the desolate terrain of Mars, exploring alien landscapes and confronting the unknown. Sounds like a dream for NASA engineers, right?

Not anymore.

Welcome to the world of the GalaxyRVR, a Mars Rover kit from SunFounder, designed to bring interplanetary exploration right into your living room.


Built upon the same universal rocker-bogie system employed by NASA’s real Mars rovers, GalaxyRVR is capable of traversing all kinds of terrains – be it rocky mountains, sandy beaches, or grassy fields. The suspension system ensures smooth mobility, making the alien world of Mars feel just like home.

Equipped with a high-definition camera module, GalaxyRVR offers a first-person view, providing an immersive piloting experience as if you’re truly navigating the Red Planet. Its advanced obstacle avoidance module and ultrasonic module ensure it can dodge obstacles, embodying a spirit of autonomy and resilience.

Delve into the Cosmos: The Courses

  • Play Mode: Want a quick start? Play Mode is designed for those who can’t wait to start their Martian journey. With factory-preloaded code, simply assemble your GalaxyRVR and control it using the convenient app to explore its multitude of functions.

  • Course Mode: Intrigued by the underlying technology? Course Mode is for those who want to delve deeper. Understand the principles behind the GalaxyRVR’s design, learn to code, and empower your rover with a variety of exciting features.

This documentation is your guide to exploring the intricacies of GalaxyRVR. It includes detailed assembly instructions, programming guides, and insights into the working principles of a Mars Rover, all aimed to stimulate your curiosity and foster creativity.

The GalaxyRVR isn’t just a toy, but a gateway to Mars, an educational tool, and a catalyst for limitless imagination. Start your cosmic journey today with GalaxyRVR, and let your world become an extension of Mars.

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