TT Motor


This is a TT DC gear motor with a gear ratio of 1:120. It comes with two 250mm wires with an XH2.54-2P connector. It can be powered with 3VDC.

How Motors Work

A motor functions as the heart of a machine, transforming electrical energy into mechanical energy. This conversion brings to life various devices, from children’s toys and household appliances to large vehicles.

Here’s the process:

When electricity flows into a motor, it generates a magnetic field. This field interacts with other magnets within the motor, prompting it to spin. This spinning action, akin to a top whirling around, can then drive the movement of wheels, propellers, or other moving parts in a machine.


The TT Gear Motor is a specialized type of motor. It combines a standard motor with a series of gears, all housed within a durable plastic shell.

As the motor spins, the gears effectively transmit this rotational motion to the wheels of our rover. The integration of gears is pivotal, as it amplifies torque. This increased torque capacity enables the motor to maneuver larger and heavier loads, an essential capability in various applications.



  • Suggested Voltage 3V~4.5V DC

  • Number of Shafts: Single shaft

  • Gear Ratio: 1:120

  • No load current: 130mA

  • No load speed: 38rpm±8%rpm

  • Starting Voltage: 2V (max.) under no load

  • Output torque: 3V ≥

  • Useful life: 70-120H

  • Direction of rotation: Bi-directions

  • Body Dimensions: 70 x 22.5 x 36.6mm

  • Wires: Gray and Black, 24AWG, 250mm

  • Connector: White, XH2.54-2P

  • Weight: 28.5g

Dimensional Drawing

Unit: mm