6.4 - IR Remote Control

In consumer electronics, remote controls are used to operate devices such as televisions and DVD players. In some cases, remote controls allow people to operate devices that are out of their reach, such as central air conditioners.

IR Receiver is a component with photocell that is tuned to receive to infrared light. It is almost always used for remote control detection - every TV and DVD player has one of these in the front to receive for the IR signal from the clicker. Inside the remote control is a matching IR LED, which emits IR pulses to tell the TV to turn on, off or change channels.







  • You can open the file 6.4_ir_remote_control.ino under the path of euler-kit/arduino/6.4_ir_remote_control.

  • Or copy this code into Arduino IDE.

  • For detailed tutorials, please refer to Open & Run Code Directly.

Don’t forget to select the Raspberry Pi Pico board and the correct port before clicking the Upload button.

Here you need to use the library called IRsmallDecoder, please check if it has been uploaded to Pico, for a detailed tutorial refer to Add libraries.

The new remote control has a plastic piece at the end to isolate the battery inside. You need to pull out this plastic piece to power up the remote when you are using it. Once the program is running, when you press the remote control, the Serial Monitor will print out the key you pressed.