DC Water Pump


This pump essentially functions as a DC motor, operating at a voltage of 3V and a current of 100mA. Upon powering, the pump draws water in from the bottom of its plastic casing and expels it from the outlet pipe. It must always be kept immersed in water to function properly. Reversing the polarity won’t turn it into a water intake device; it will only pump water out!

It’s highly suitable for beginners to create a fountain or plant watering project using this submersible pump, as it is incredibly user-friendly!


  • Voltage Scope: DC 3 ~ 4.5V

  • Operating Current: 120 ~ 180mA

  • Power: 0.36 ~ 0.91W

  • Max Water Head: 0.35 ~ 0.55M

  • Max Flow Rate: 80 ~ 100 L/H

  • Continuous Working Life: 100 hours

  • Water Fing Grade: IP68

  • Driving Mode: DC, Magnetic Driving

  • Material: Engineering Plastic

  • Outlet Outside Diameter: 7.8 mm

  • Outlet Inside Diameter: 6.5 mm

  • It is a submersible pump and should be used that way. It tends to heat too much that there’s a risk of overheating if you turn it on unsubmerged.

  • It comes with a 25cm male wire, allowing for easy insertion into a breadboard.