Ezblock Studio Release Notes

EzBlock Studio 3.2

EzBlock Studio will be switched to offline mode from version 3.2 and the online service will be closed on 2023/2/28 for user-friendly use. Thus, you can save your projects locally without registering and import them on different devices later.

Detailed Information

  • After EzBlock Studio goes to offline mode, old users can continue to log in and save cloud projects to local, but all new projects will be saved locally.

  • Registration portal is closed. New users are no longer required to register an account to use EzBlock’s project saving feature.

  • Add project import and export function in .ezbpro format, which allows you to transfer projects between devices or share projects with others.

  • Libraries can also be imported and exported in .ezblib format for transfer and sharing.


  • What happens to my account?

    You have until February 28, 2023 to save all your projects in the cloud locally. Here’s how to do it: Sign in to your account on EzBlock Studio and select “Save all projects locally” in the pop-up window to save all your cloud projects to My Projects page in one click, then export to your device’s folder or share them through the app using the Export button.

    After that, EzBlock Studio will close the online service and clear all online data. You can also delete all your data by clicking the “Delete Account and Log out” button after you have saved all your projects and libraries.

  • How is the web version of EzBlock Studio?

    You can still access EzBlock Studio via the web page at http://ezblock.cc/ezblock-studio after upgrading to version 3.2.

    Data will be saved in your browser, so be sure to clear your browser data. Of course, you can export your project or library to your computer for sharing.

  • How to transfer projects and libraries between devices?

    After exporting projects to .ezbpro format and libraries to .ezblib format, you can transfer them to other devices and then import them.

  • How to export libraries/projects?

    For a detailed tutorial, please refer to: Export Projects/Libraries.

  • How to import libraries/projects?

    For a detailed tutorial, please refer to: Import Projects/Libraries.

EzBlock Studio 3.1

Main Optimization

The main optimization of EzBlock 3.1 is the compatibility with the built-in Bluetooth of the Raspberry Pi, no need to use an expansion board with Bluetooth module.


  • The old version of the robot can also be used normally after burning the new image. The bluetooth module on the original robot hat will not conflict with the new system.

  • The EzBlock Studio 3.1 version should be used with the EBlock 3.1 image (https://ezblock.cc/download/v31.html).


  • A custom Bluetooth name function has been added to the app to avoid the problem that multiple devices are indistinguishable. (Reboot to take effect.)

  • Added three sound effects for boot, successful connection, and disconnection, which gives more feedback.

  • The LED next to the power indicator will be used as a bluetooth indicator, which is always on when connected and flashes slowly when not connected.

  • (Android) Add a full-screen input box to prevent the input box from being blocked.


  • Optimize the battery display, now you can see more accurate information on the APP.

  • Optimize the display of product example images and personal information icons.


  • Fix a series of problems of Bluetooth search and Bluetooth connection.

  • Fix the problem that the product name is not displayed after the wifi configuration.

  • Fix the problem of product information not being saved after modification.

  • Fix the problem that the picture cannot be saved after taking pictures in the remote control page.

EzBlock Studio 3 2021.06.08

Improve the product connection

  • Improve the connection method: Compared with the Bluetooth communication of EzBlock 2, EzBlock 3 uses Websocket to communicate, which is much faster.

  • Improve the connection process: EzBlock 3 uses Bluetooth to assist with the product’s fast Wi-Fi connection.

Home Page

  • Remove the carousel.

  • Remove the product selection page and change it to a pop-up window.

  • Remove the way you must log in to get to the home page.

  • Add My Project entry.

  • Add Product Information pop-up window button. This Product Information pop-up window is used to show the product name, product type, IP, version, working voltage, and power.

  • Add online update function of product image.

  • Add product calibration function.

  • Add product name modification function.

  • Add the Menu function in the upper left corner.

  • Optimize the pop-up window for New Project button.

Examples Page

  • Beautify the UI.

  • Add quick run/edit button.

  • Add remote control or IoT prompt icon.

Programming Page

  • Optimize the arrangement of Programming, IoT, Remote Control and Debug Monitor buttons.

  • Add product connect button in the top left corner.

  • Add Stop/Run program button.

  • To save the project and enter the IoT page, make sure that you have logged in to your account.

Personal Info Page

  • Remove the settings page.

  • Add product category function to My Project page.


  • Change the font of all pages.

  • Add the function of entering IP or hostname on the web to connect to the product.