10. One Touch Start

In this project, we have integrated the previous projects - line following, following, obstacle avoidance, self-driving, etc. together. They can be switched by buttons on the remote control, so you can start the car and experience all functions at once.





  • Open the 10.one_touch_start.ino file under the path of 3in1-kit\car_project\10.one_touch_start.

  • Or copy this code into Arduino IDE.

  • The IRremote library is used here, you can install it from the Library Manager.


After the code is uploaded successfully, the LED will flash rapidly 3 times for every signal received from the remote control by the IR receiver. You can press the following keys to operate the cart.

  • +: Accelerate

  • -: Decelerate

  • 1: Move to the left front

  • 2: Forward

  • 3: Move to the right.

  • 4: Turn left

  • 6: Turn right

  • 7: Backward to the left

  • 8: Backward.

  • 9: Backward to the right

  • CYCLE: Follow the line

  • U/SD: Self-driving

  • ▷▷|: Obstacle avoidance with ultrasonic module

  • |◁◁: Obstacle avoidance with IR Obstacle module

  • EQ: Follow your hand

  • 0: Stop