Slide SwitchΒΆ

In this project, we will learn how to use a slide switch. Usually,the slide switch is soldered on PCB as a power switch, but here we need to insert it into the breadboard, thus it may not be tightened. And we use it on the breadboard to show its function.


  • If the switch is toggled to the left, the 2 pins on the left are connected together; if it is toggled to the right, the 2 pins on the right are connected together.

  • The purpose of connecting 10K resistor and capacitor on the toggle switch is to de-jitter and get a stable level.


After connecting Pico, click the Start button and the code starts to run. Toggle the slide switch to the left and the LED will light up; otherwise, the LED will turn off.



This project code is exactly the same as the previous project Button.