Servo is a position (angle) servo device, which is suitable for those control systems that require constant angle changes and can be maintained. It has been widely used in high-end remote control toys, such as airplanes, submarine models, and remote control robots.

Now, try to make the servo sway!


  • The brown wire of the servo is GND, the red wire is VCC and the yellow wire is signal.

  • Connect VBUS (not 3V3) to the power bus of the breadboard.


After connecting Pico, click the Start button and the code starts to run. If necessary, press the Servo Arm into the Servo output shaft, then you can see the Servo Arm swinging back and forth from 0° to 180°.

  • [servo pin () set angle to ()]: This block is used to set the rotation angle of the servo, the range is 0~180 degrees.