2. Table Lamp

The last project was to make the built-in LED on the Arduino board light up. Here, we connect an LED on the breadboard and have the sprite control the blinking of this LED.

When the Button sprite on the stage is clicked, the LED will blink 5 times and then stop.


You Will Learn

  • Breadboard, LEDs and Resistors

  • Building a circuit on a breadboard

  • Delete and select sprites

  • Switching costumes

  • Set a limited number of repeat loops

Build the Circuit

Follow the diagram below to build the circuit on the breadboard.

Since the anode of the LED (the longer pin) is connected to pin 9 through a 220Ω resistor, and the cathode of the LED is connected to GND, you can light up the LED by giving pin 9 a high level.



The whole programming is divided into 3 parts, the first part is to select the desired sprite, the second part is to switch the costume for the sprite to make it look clickable, and the third part is to make the LED blink.

1. Select Button3 sprite

Delete the existing Tobi sprite by using the Delete button in the upper right corner, and select a sprite again.


Here, we select the Button3 sprite.


Click on Costumes in the top right corner and you will see that the Button3 sprite has 2 costumes, we set button3-a to be released and button3-b to be pressed.


2. Switching costumes.

When the sprite is clicked (Events palette), it switches to costume for button3-b (looks palette).


3. Make the LED blink 5 times

Use the [Repeat] block to make the LED blink 5 times (High-> LOW cycle), remember to change pin 13 to pin 9, and finally switch the costume back to button3-a.

  • [Repeat 10]: limited number of repeat loops, you can set the number of repeats yourself, from the Control palette.