Home Page



  1. Tap the sort button in the upper left corner of the home page.

  2. Drag the icon to adjust the order of the controllers in the pop-up window.




This connect button is available on both the home page and the controller page, and its function and usage are the same.

  1. When you tap on the connect icon, if your product has run the code, the product name + IP will appear and you need to tap this to connect.

  2. If the “Connected successfully” prompt appears, the product name will appear in the upper right corner.

  3. If it doesn’t search automatically, you can also manually enter the IP to connect.

  4. You can disconnect from this product by tapping on the product name and choosing Confirm in the pop-up window.




This edit button is available on both the home page and the controller page, but the functions are not the same.

  • On the home page, after tapping it, you can delete the existing controller.

  • In the controller page, you can edit each widget after tapping it.

  1. Tap the edit icon to go to edit mode.

  2. At this point, a delete icon will appear in the upper right corner of each controller.

  3. After deleting, tap the save button to exit to edit mode.


  1. Tap the + button on the home page to create a controller.

  2. Select the template and set the name of the controller, then tap Confirm to add.

  3. In the Preset section, we have some preset controllers for some products, you can choose according to your product. For example, tap Pico-4wd and give a name.

  4. Upon entering, you will find some widgets have been added. If you don’t need to modify anything, tap the save button to save this controller.