Play ModeΒΆ

The play mode is where we pre-upload the code to the Arduino board at the factory, and the Zeus Car can be remotely controlled by APP or remote control once it is turned on.

  • Controlled by APP: You need to install the SunFounder Controller on your mobile or tablet, which allows you to control the Zeus Car in all directions with a joystick widget, as well as speech control, and most importantly, you can see the real-time video streaming taken by the Zeus Car on the APP.

  • Control by Remote: We have equipped a simple remote control, just turn on the Zeus Car and you can control it by remote control, which is a good choice for users who want to experience the fun of controlling Zeus Car as soon as possible.


Here is the code package for this kit.

If you wish to return to Play Mode after uploading different code to your Arduino, you first need to Install the Required Libraries, then upload the Zeus_Car.ino file found under the path zeus-car-main\Zeus_Car to the Arduino board.