Animate A Name


Today we will learn to write our name on Scratch. When we click on the letters in the name, they will become active.

Click the green flag to start.

Or click Animate A Name, and then learn online tutorial on the Scratch official website.

Required Components

  • A Screen

  • Scratch 3 (either online or offline)

You Will Learn

  • Choose the sprite you want.

  • Program different sprites separately.

  • Make the sprite change color.

  • Let the sprite spin.

  • Let the sprite zoom.

  • Let the sprite flash.

Lesson Guide

My Name is Abby.

In the lower right corner of Scratch, there are two areas. We can add the sprite and backdrop we want here.


First delete the original sprite, we don’t need it.


Then choose a sprite.


Find the Letter sprite.


Repeat several times to spell out your name, like me, “Abby”.


A can change its color.

Click on the Glow-A sprite and let’s write a bit of code for it.

When A is clicked, it changes its color.

Click on the sprite, find 「when this sprite cliked」 in Events, and drag it to the right coding area.


Drag 「change color effect by…」 from Looks to the bottom of 「when this sprite cliked」.


At this time, we click on the letter A on the stage and it will change its color.

B can rotate 360°.

Click on the Glow-B sprite, let’s write a code for the Glow-B wizard. When the letter B on the stage is clicked, it will rotate in a circle.


Do you know why B is rotated 15 degrees 24 times? Because 24*15=360, it turns 360 degrees!

B2 can zoom in and out.

Click on the Glow-B2 sprite, and let us write a code for the Glow-B2 sprite.

When the second B on the stage is clicked, it will zoom in and then zoom out.


Y can show and disappear.

Click on the Glow-Y sprite and let us write a piece of code for the Glow-Y sprite. When the Y on the stage is clicked, it will repeatedly disappear and appear.



I believe that you will be smart enough to program and implement this game soon. Next, we will add some challenges to enrich our game content.

  • Add two new sprites, one of which will blink and change color when clicked; the other will zoom and rotate when clicked.