Black border appears on the display?

  • Select the correct resolution

Click the Raspberry Pi icon -> Preferences -> Screen Configuration.


Then choose Configure -> Screens -> HDMI-1 -> Resolution -> choose the 1280x800.


After that you need to click the tick icon to save your configure.

  • Disable Overscan/Underscan

When using Raspberry Pi Imager to install a system on a Micro SD, you can check the Disable overscan.


Or when you get to the desktop, click the Raspberry Pi icon -> Preferences -> Raspberry Pi Configuration.


Disable Overscan in the Display page.


The screen shows No Signal after the device is turned on?

  • Please check if all the cables are plugged in properly.

  • Check if the control board (Raspberry Pi) is on.

  • Check if the SD card has the correct system installed.

Can’t touch?

  • Make sure the touch module is connected to the control board (or device) via the USB touch cable.

  • Check if the touch module is damaged, if so please contact us.

Use of the touch pen

  • This display works with passive capacitive stylus, while active capacitive does not.

The LCD display cannot be turned on without connecting other devices.

  • This is a normal phenomenon, please use it after connecting Raspberry Pi or other devices.