Custom ShapeΒΆ

To draw interesting patterns on RGB Matrix Shield, we define ShowHex() function to facilitate drawing custom patterns.

First you should get the hexadecimal array of the pattern. It is recommended to use the LED Matrix tool, which can be used to design fonts or images for the RGB matrix, and you can also adjust it based on the original pattern.

You can select the corresponding character or pattern in the Sprites page, then set a specific color in the Colour page, and finally get the HEX array of that pattern or character from the Code page.

For example, we get two HEX arrays of Pac-Man.

_images/pacman.png _images/pacman2.png


When the program runs, you will see two Pac-Man pictures are constantly switching.

How it works?

void loop() {
// put your main code here, to run repeatedly:

The main logic is to draw the pattern corresponding to pacman[], after a delay of 1s, move one square to the right to draw the pattern corresponding to pacman2[], cyclically. The fifth parameter in ShowHex() is used to determine the position of the pattern in the RGB Matrix Shield. For example, 0 is in the middle, and 1 is one square to the right.