Components List

Structure Plates

  1. Upper Plate x 1

  2. Front Half Chassis x 1

  3. Hex Front Wheel Fixing Plate x 8

  4. Ultrasonic Support x 1

  5. Bearing Shield x 8

  6. Steering Linkage x 1

  7. Steering Connector x 2

  8. Ultrasonic Connector x 1

  9. Back Half Chassis x 1

  10. Sensor Connector x 1

SunFounder SF006C Servo x 1

  1. Servo x 1

  2. 1-arm Rocker Arm x 1

  3. arm Rocker Arm x 1

  4. 4-arm Rocker Arm x 1

  5. Rocker Arm Fixing Screw x 1

  6. Rocker Arm Screw

Mechanical Fasteners





_images/image202.png _images/image203.png

Other Components




Self-provided Components

The following components are not included in this kit.



1. You are recommend to use 18650 batteries without a protective board. Otherwise, the car may be cut power and stop running because of the overcurrent protection of the protective board.

2. For unprotected batteries, please purchase those with the anode bulged out (as shown below), so that it can ensure the well connection with the battery holder.


3. In order to keep the car working for a long time, use large-capacity batteries as much as possible.