Right Click on TS-10L

The touchscreen makes it easy to perform simple navigation tasks with your finger or stylus, but you may want to be able to use the context menu (right-click menu).

Then you will need to download a Touchégg app. Enter the following command to install it.

For 32-bit OS:

wget https://github.com/JoseExposito/touchegg/releases/download/2.0.14/touchegg_2.0.14_armhf.deb
sudo apt install ./touchegg_2.0.14_armhf.deb

For 64-bit OS:

wget https://github.com/JoseExposito/touchegg/releases/download/2.0.14/touchegg_2.0.14_arm64.deb
sudo apt install ./touchegg_2.0.14_arm64.deb

After restarting, you can use two fingers to tap the screen to bring up the context menu.

sudo reboot

Available gestures


Swipe gestures are executed when three or more fingers are moved synchronously in the same direction. Note that three is the minimum number of fingers that Touchégg allows for swipe gestures on touchpads and two on touchscreens.


Pinch gestures are executed when two or more fingers are located on the touchpad and are either changing the relative distance to each other (pinching) or are changing the relative angle (rotate).


Tap gestures are executed when two or more fingers “click” on the touchscreen.

For more details please check Touchégg.