TS-7C 7-inch Touch Screen


Dear Customwers:

Thanks for purchasing SunFounder 7 inch Touchsceen. It uses a premium integrated circuit, which has the advantages of low power consumption, stable performance, no radiation, etc. It is small, easy to use, and secure. The display applies to computer, Raspberry Pi devices, portable display and so on. It is suitable for the Raspberry Pi 3 model B/B+ and 4 Model B, and has the 1024×600 physical resolution. The resolution is adjustable within the range 640×480~1920×1200. Ideal for applications like retro gaming, industrial control, as a secondary monitor, in home automation, for 3D printing control, and as a PC monitoring device.

Please read this instruction carefully for reliable and long-term use and the best audio-visual effects.


  1. Please use the proper power adapter included in the package. Pay attention to using other qualified power supplies if needed.

  2. Do not expose the device to sunlight, neither deposit or use it at too cold, too hot or humid place.

  3. Avoid bright light exposure when you use it to ensure good image effect and long-term use of the device.

  4. Although shock protection and precautions have been designed inside the device, you should avoid violent collisions.

  5. For the screen equipped with touch display, please avoid excessive force on it when you touch in case of potential damages on the touch screen surface.

  6. Do not use chemical reagent or solvent to clean the device. Please use a piece of soft cloth to wipe the dust on the device so it can display the beautiful colors as it always does.

  7. No adjustable components for users in the device. For nonprofessionals, do not try to open or repair this product by yourself in case of unwanted damages.

If you have any questions, please send an email to service@sunfounder.com and we’ll reply as soon as possible.

About the display language

In addition to English, we are working on other languages for this course. Please contact service@sunfounder.com if you are interested in helping, and we will give you a free product in return. In the meantime, we recommend using Google Translate to convert English to the language you want to see.

The steps are as follows.

  • In this course page, right-click and select Translate to xx. If the current language is not what you want, you can change it later.

  • There will be a language popup in the upper right corner. Click on the menu button to choose another language.

  • Select the language from the inverted triangle box, and then click Done.