1. The colored picture appears in black and white.

    A: Please check whether the saturation, brightness and contrast under the Color menu are adjusted properly.

  2. No picture is displayed on the screen after the device powers on.

    A: Please check whether the HDMI output port is plugged properly. And also please make sure the suitable adapter is connected to the LCD displayed.

  3. The picture is distorted in color or displayed with color abnormity like a certain color missing.

    A: Please check whether the signal wire is plugged in a good way. If the wire is defective or the wiring is loose, the signal transmission may be influenced, thus causing the fault.

  4. There appears stripe interference on the display and the picture is dark.

    A: Please check whether the socket and the plug are in good contact.

  5. The LCD cannot be turned on when no other equipment is connected.

    A: This is normal, please use it after connecting Raspberry Pi or other devices.