About the Assembly

Q1: After assembly and program download, the Rollarm’s four axes are in wired position, some maybe out of control. What should I do?

  • Remember to power on and calibrate each Servo before assembly, please refer to Calibrate the Servo Angle.

  • If it has been calibrated, but after running Rollarm.ino, it is at the angle shown below, but if you screw all 4 potentiometers to the forward-facing position and can return to the way it was just assembled, it is normal.


About the Arduino Code Control

Q1: When I open a program, it prompts me that a new folder should be created. After I click Yes and a new folder is created, the main program reports an error when I want to open the main program. What’s going wrong?

A: DO NOT open these subprograms under Arduino code\\Rollarm separately:


If you open the subprograms separately, a window will pop up like this:


If a new folder has been created for the subprogram, please cut the subprogram file to the original directory Arduino code\\Rollarm. Reopen the main program: