Precautions about the use of the product

  • Be sure to use the dedicated power adapter for this product for charging and discharging, and never use an overpowered power adapter;

  • Do not use the product in a high temperature environment, and the battery power should not be too low. Generally, it is best to start charging at about 30%;

  • Avoid plugging in the power adapter for a long time, and stop charging after charging. When the product is not in use, it is recommended to disconnect the power adapter to avoid battery damage caused by long-term charging.

Precautions about the maintenance of lithium batteries

  • Lithium batteries can be stored in a clean, dry, and ventilated room with an ambient temperature of -5°C—35°C and a relative humidity of not more than 75%. Avoid contact with corrosive substances and keep away from fire and heat sources.

  • Do not store the lithium battery with full charge for a long time. After long-term storage, it will easily cause swelling, which will affect the discharge performance. The best storage voltage is about 3.8V for a single chip. Fully charge before use and then use it, which can effectively avoid battery swelling.