RasPad Launcher is an open source software that simulates a launcher menu, with a focus on improving the users touchscreen experience with the RasPad or other touchscreens.



If you want to use the original desktop of the Raspberry Pi, you can skip this chapter.

Installation Guide

Download the RasPad Launcher package, and extract it.

wget https://github.com/raspad-tablet/raspad-launcher/releases/latest/download/raspad-launcher.zip
unzip raspad-launcher.zip
cd raspad-launcher

The script will install the following:

  • RasPad launcher with desktop profile.

  • RasPad FAQ desktop profile (Just a quick icon to browser RasPad FAQ webpage).

  • display auto rotate for Accl SHIM.

Run install script.

chmod +x install
sudo ./install


To manually install RasPad Launcher and specific components, please refer to RasPad Launcher.