Main Board

About the Jumper Caps


There are 5 jumper caps on the Main Board, each jumper cap corresponds to a function, if you do not need the function and want to use the pin elsewhere, you can unplug the jumper cap. The following is a detailed explanation of the functions of the five jumper caps.

  • Cooling Fan (IO6): The fan is always spinning when this jumper cap is unplugged. You can unplug the fan wires or remove the fan if you don’t need it.

  • IR Receiver (IO13): If you pull out this jumper cap, the IR Receiver will not work.

  • WS2812 Strip (IO12): If you pull out this jumper cap, the WS2812 Strip will not work.

  • Shutdown Signal (IO26): The Main board powers on/off depending on the level of the State pin; when State is low, it powers on, and when State is high, it powers off.

    • You can only turn off the main board by pressing and holding the power button for 10 seconds if you connect GND and state with a jumper cap.

    • If you connect State and IO26 with a jumper cap, after configuration, the Raspberry Pi can control the State pin through IO26. When Raspberry Pi is on, State will be set to low level, when Raspberry Pi is off, State will be set to high level, so the motherboard and Raspberry Pi can power on/off synchronously.

  • Power Button (IO16): If you pull out this jumper cap, the power button will not work. Besides, the power button is also used to wake up the OLED screen in Sleep Mode.

Power Cut Memory

When the Pironman suddenly loses power, the chip of the Main Board will record this state and will automatically power on the next time.