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  • Raspberry Pi mini PC

  • Tower cooler can cool a 100% CPU load Pi to 39°C at 25°C room temperature

  • Onboard USB to M.2 SATA SSD, TRIM supported

  • IR Receiver for multi-media center like Kodi or Volumio

  • RGB Fan, with GPIO control

  • 16 WS2812 Addressable RGB LED light up the whole case with cool light effect

  • Retro metal power button with indicator light for safe shut down

  • 0.96” OLED Display showing Raspberry Pi’s CPU usage, temperature, disk usage, IP address, RAM usage etc.

  • External GPIO extender with pin name label, for easy access

  • Power status memory, remembers the power status incase accident power cut off

  • Re-wiring the microSD card for easy access

  • Aluminum main body with clear Acrylic side panel


  1. Dimension: 112.45x68.2x118.92mm

  2. Material
    1. Main body: aluminum alloy

    2. Both sides and front panel: acrylic

  3. Support platform: Raspberry Pi 4B

  4. Power input: USB Type C 5V/3A

  5. Rated power: 5V/800mA

  6. interface (d ~ i is the original Raspberry Pi interface exposed)
    1. Raspberry Pi standard 40-Pin GPIO

    2. micro SD

    3. USB Type C power input

    4. USB 2.0 x 2

    5. USB 3.0

    6. Gigabit LAN port

    7. USB Type C Raspberry Pi power supply (direct power to Raspberry Pi, not recommended)

    8. micro HDMI x 2

    9. 3.5mm headphone jack

  7. Power button

  8. OLED screen: 0.96’’ 128x64 resolution

  9. Infrared receiver: 38KHz

  10. Cooling fan: size 40x40x10mm

  11. WS2812 RGB LED: 16xWS2812B-5050

Pin Functions

  • Shutdown Signal Pin: By pressing the power button, the Raspberry Pi will power off, while setting GPIO26 to a high level, and if the Main Board detects this high level, it will power cut.

Dimensional Drawing