About the BatteryΒΆ

Applicable Parameters

  • 3.7V

  • 18650

  • Rechargeable

  • Li-ion Battery

  • Flat Top

  • No Protective Board


  • Please purchase qualified batteries.

  • Pay attention to the poles of the battery, and DO NOT connect to the positive and negative poles inversely.

  • Do not use batteries that are damaged in appearance.

Duration of Use


Button Top vs Flat Top?

Please choose battery with flat top to ensure a good connection between the battery and the battery holder.

Button Top

Flat Top

../_images/battery.png ../_images/18650.PNG

No protective board?

It is recommended to use a battery without a protection plate to maximize the performance of the module, and the on-board overcharge and over-discharge protection can be used without worrying about battery damage. If you use a battery with a protection plate may cause the output power does not reach the nominal 5V/3A.

Battery capacity?

In order to keep the robot working for a long time, use large-capacity batteries as much as possible. It is recommended to purchase batteries with a capacity of 3000mAh and above.

Try to choose the same brand, the same model, the voltage difference between the two batteries within 0.1V.