SunFounder Pico 4WD Car V2.0 Kit


Do you want to learn to program or have your own programming robot? The market is filled with a wide variety of robots, some of which use the micro:bit platform, others use Arduino or Raspberry Pi platforms. If you’re not sure what to select and where to begin, then our Pico 4WD car can help you begin your journey of discovery.

This car uses the Raspberry Pi Pico, a powerful small microcontroller introduced by Raspberry Pi in recent years, which can be used to learn MicroPython, Arduino or graphical programming language.

A simple structure and full functionality make the Pico 4WD car a perfect choice for your needs. There are a variety of features on it, including remote control, line tracking, cliff detection, obstacle avoidance, object following, and more.

Additionally, it features 24-bit WS2812 RGB LEDs that can be used as directional indicators or as cool lighting effects.

For quick play, we have uploaded libraries and scripts at the factory, which you just need to assemble, then you can controlling it with your smartphone.

One point that must be mentioned is that the car is equipped with a rechargeable battery, which can be charged directly through the expansion board.


  • Main Board: Raspberry Pi Pico, Pico RDP(Robotics Development Platform)

  • Programming Software: Thonny

  • Programming Language: MicroPython

  • Input: Ultrasonic module, Grayscale module, Speed module

  • Output: Motor, WS2812 RGB Boards, Servo,

  • Voltage: 6.6V~8.4V

  • Battery life: 90min

  • Battery charge time: 130min

  • Functions: Remote Control, Obstacle Avoidance, Object Following, Line Track, Cliff Detection, Speech Control

  • WiFi: ESP01s

  • Remote Control: APP - SunFounder Controller

  • Size: 9.45’’ x 6.69’’ x 3.94’’ (240mm x 170mm x 100mm(LxWxH))

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Source Code

SunFounder Pico-4wd Car Code

Or check out the code at Pico-4wd Car - GitHub