TT Motor


This is a TT DC gearbox motor with a gear ratio of 1:48, it comes with 2 x 200mm wires with 0.1” male connectors that fit into a breadboard. Perfect for plugging into a breadboard or terminal block.

You can power these motors with 3 ~ 6VDC, but of course, they will go a little faster at higher voltages.

Note that these are very basic motors with no built-in encoder, speed control or position feedback. The voltage goes in and the spin comes out. There will be variation from motor to motor, so if you need precise motion, you’ll need a separate feedback system.

Technical Details

  • Rated Voltage: 3~6V

  • Continuous No-Load Current: 150mA +/- 10%

  • Min. Operating Speed (3V): 90+/- 10% RPM

  • Min. Operating Speed (6V): 200+/- 10% RPM

  • Stall Torque (3V):

  • Stall Torque (6V):

  • Gear Ratio: 1:48

  • Body Dimensions: 70 x 22 x 18mm

  • Wires Length: 200mm & 28 AWG

  • Weight: 30.6g

Dimensional Drawing