Upload the Code

For Arduino IDE 1/2

Click Tools -> Board -> Arduino AVR Boards and select Arduino/Genuino Mega or Mega 2560.


For Arduino IDE 2, you may need to install Arduino AVR Boards first. Click Tools -> Board -> Boards Managers, find Arduino AVR Boards, and then click INSTALL.


Then select Tools ->Port. Your port should be different from mine.


Click the Upload icon to upload the code to the control board.


If “Done uploading” appears at the bottom of the window, it means the sketch has been successfully uploaded.


For Web Editor

In each project there is an Arduino code display window, click Open Code.


Click on Open in Web Editor or Add to MY Sketch.


If you have registered and logged in to your account, you will be inside the Web Editor. However, you need to install Arduino Create Agent and run it before uploading the code in Web Editor.

For detailed tutorials, please refer to: https://docs.arduino.cc/cloud/web-editor/tutorials/getting-started/getting-started-web-editor.


For projects that require additional libraries, they will not work in Web Editor.