class RGB_LED - rgb LED


from robot_hat import PWM, RGB_LED

r = PWM("P0")
g = PWM("P1")
b = PWM("P2")

rgb = RGB_LED(r, g, b)                       # Create a RGB_LED object
val = rgb.write('#FFFFFF')                   # Write in the color in hexadecimal.


class robot_hat.RGB_LED(Rpin, Gpin, Bpin): Create a RGB_LED object associated with the given pin. This allows you set the color of RGB LED. Input Rpin, Gpin, Bpin must be PWM object from robot_hat.PWM.


  • write - Writing a specific color to the RGB LED, the color value is represented by hexadecimal for red, green and blue (RGB). Each color has a minimum value of 0 (00 in hexadecimal) and a maximum value of 255 (FF in hexadecimal). Hexadecimal values are written with a # sign followed by three or six hexadecimal characters.