• Screen Type: 5 inch IPS screen LVDS interface

  • Resolution: 800*480

  • Supply Voltage: 4.5V/2A-5.5V/2A

  • Port Type: Type-C

  • Speakers: 8ohm 4w

  • Earphone Holder: 3.5 round head earphone holder 6 feet

  • Battery: 18650 single-cell battery

  • Volume Button: Click it to enter the volume adjustment interface.

  • Brightness Button: Click it to enter the screen brightness adjustment interface.

  • Power Switch: Toggle to the left to turn off the power, and to the right to turn on the power.

  • Type-C Port: After connecting to 5V/2A power, the battery will start charging, if all 4 lights are on, it means it is full.

  • Audio Interface: You can plug in the earphones and enjoy the good game time alone. When an audio device is connected, Retro Game HAT will be muted.

  • Power Lights: There are four power indicator lights, each of which represents 25% of the power. When the power supply is insufficient, Retro Game HAT will have a flickering screen, and you should charge it at this time.


When entering the volume adjustment interface/screen brightness adjustment interface, press the volume key to increase the volume level/screen brightness, and press the brightness key to decrease the volume level/screen brightness.


When using it for the first time, you need to insert a 5V/2A Type-C into the Retro Game HAT to activate the battery power supply function.

You can use the battery to supply power later, and this Type-C cable can be used for charging.