Get the IP AddressΒΆ

Raspberry Pi will automatically connect to Wi-Fi after booting, we need to get the IP address of it. There are many ways to know the IP address, and two of them are listed as follows.

Checking via Router

If you have permission to log in the router (such as a home network), you can check the addresses assigned to Raspberry Pi on the admin interface of router.

The default hostname of the system, Raspberry Pi OS is raspberrypi, and you need to find it. (If you are using ArchLinuxARM system, please find alarmpi.)

Network Segment Scanning

You can also use network scanning to look up the IP address of Raspberry Pi. You can apply the software, Advanced IP scanner and so on.

Scan the IP range set, and the name of all connected devices will be displayed. Similarly, the default hostname is raspberrypi, now you need to find the hostname.