Micro SwitchΒΆ


The construction of a micro switch is really simple. The main parts of the switch are:

  • 1.Plunger (Actuator)

  • 2.Cover

  • 3.Moving piece

  • 4.Support

  • 5.Case

  • 6.NO terminal: normally open

  • 7.NC terminal: normally closed

  • 8.Contact

  • 9.Moving arm

After a micro switch makes physical contact with an object, its contacts change position. The basic working principle is as follows.

When the plunger is in the released or rest position.

  • The normally closed circuit can carry current.

  • The normally open circuit is electrically insulated.

When the plunger is depressed or switched.

  • The normally closed circuit is open.

  • The normally open circuit is closed.