Obstacle Avoidance

In this project, when PiSloth detects an obstacle, it will send a signal and look for another direction to move forward.


This is based on the previous project Don’t Touch Me, which adds autonomous judgment, so that PiSloth can actively avoid obstacles in front of it.



  • You can write the program according to the following picture, please refer to the tutorial: How to Create a New Project?

  • Or find the code with the same name on the Examples page of the EzBlock Studio and click Run or Edit directly.

After the code runs, PiSloth will walk forward. If it detects that the distance of the obstacle ahead is less than 10cm, it will stop and sound a warning, then turn left for 7 steps and stop. If there is no obstacle in the direction after turning left or the obstacle distance is greater than 10, it will continue to move forward.

Since the effective detection distance of the ultrasonic sensor module is 2-400cm, when the detection distance is less than it will do nothing.